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SAMPLIFY – smartwatch for medical nurses is a unique solution for preanalytical phase management.



SAMPLIFY is a smart-watch specially designed for medical nurses responsible for sample collection procedures. It is a hands-free device used for linking Patient_ID or Order_ID barcodes Sample_ID barcodes on the tubes adding a specific timestamp, which is considered the most accurate sample collection time.

Watch the product intro video on youtube.

SAMPLIFY can solve several Preanalytical problems:
1. PATIENT validation. Patient picture, name, date of birth, health insurance number, etc can be described on the screen.
2. Order of Draw. Depending on the number of different tubes needed for venous blood sampling for each patient SAMPLIFY displays the color code of the tubes in the correct order according to EFLM recommendations.
3.  Exact sampling time. During sampling procedure the medical nurse immediately scans with SAMPLIFY the Sample_ID barcode placed on the tube or specimen container. Each scan aligned with the time which is considered the most exact sampling time.  

SAMPLIFY has 2 working modes. Anonymous mode and Personalized Mode.

SAMPLIFY Software is based on HL7 FHIR. Could be easily integrated with Medical Information Systems (MIS) of the Customers. The data is stored on HIPAA GDPR compliant Cloud Platform.

SAMPLIFY will save laboratory budgets. Precise sampling timestamp will help to track the stability of the analytes. By rejecting expired samples the labs will save the cost of reagents, disposables, human resources and operational time.

For more info visit www.samplify.org

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